The Council

This is the current list of Council Members for ISHSR. Natalia Nieto has been elected to be the ISHSR President-Elect (2019-2021) & Frank Tacke, Anna Mae Diehl and Wei-Fen Xie have been elected to serve as ISHSR Councillors (2019-2023).

Victoria Cogger, Ph.D.

Past-President 2019-2021

Associate Professor of Medicine

ANZAC Research Institute – Concord Clinical School
Sydney, Australia

Fu-Sheng Wang, Ph.D.

President 2019-2021

Professor and Director, Institute of Translational Hepatology

Beijing 302 Hospital, Beijing, China

Natalia Nieto, PhD

President-Elect 2019-2021

Professor of Medicine

University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

Jordi Gracia-Sancho, Ph.D.

Secretary/Treasurer 2019-2021

Chief, Liver Vascular Biology Research Group

IDIBAPS, Barcelona
Inselspital, Bern

Frank Tacke, MD PhD

Councillor 2019-2023

Professor of Medicine

Charité Medical School, Berlin, Germany

Anna Mae Diehl, MD

Councillor 2019-2023

Professor of Medicine

Duke University Medical School, North Carolina, USA

Wei-Fen Xie, MD PhD

Councillor 2019-2023

Professor of Medicine

Changzheng Hospital, Shanghai, China


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