The ISHSR was established in December, 2008 to serve as a non-profit organization to promote education, basic and translational research on the cells of the hepatic sinusoid including liver parenchymal cells. It promotes science on cell and molecular biology of each cell type and cross-talk among these cell types in health and disease during an entire life span. The ISHSR supports the international scientific symposium on liver sinusoidal cells formally called International Kupffer Cell Symposium (1977-1988) and International Symposium on Cells of the Hepatic Sinusoid: ISCHS (1990-2008).

The ISHSR currently has more than 150 members from 20 nations who are primarily interested in hepatic sinusoidal cells such as sinusoidal endothelial cells, Kupffer cells, NKT cells, NK cells, hepatic stellate cells, and hepatocytes.

Society Membership is now open, and we offer three levels of membership:
•  Regular membership ($65/year)
•  Student / trainee membership ($45/year) for full-time students at an accredited university.
•  Institutional membership ($2k/year) for institutions, academic organizations, and NPO's.


ISHSR Membership and the Digital Material Archives: ISHSR has taken the initiative to collect digital material that can be used by its members under specific conditions. The website now includes a forum for members to exchange scientific materials, allowing them to enrich their collections of illustrative material, gain access to scientific protocols, and view relevant videos. 

There are three digital material archives on this site, summarized below.  (For more information about each archive, including a full table of contents, visit the Educational Resources page):

•  IMAGE ARCHIVE: This archive hosts many high-resolution images from a wide variety of relevant areas, including Light Microscopy (rat liver lobule), Lineage Tracing (mesothelial cell differentiation), Scanning Electron Microscopy (human and rat fenestrae), etc.  Further, the Image Archive now includes an entire history and morphology of HSCs (by Kenjiro Wake, MD PhD).
A new feature to the website, the video archive currently includes one video: In Vivo Microscopy of Hepatic Sinusoids.
The protocol bank features numerous protocols used by leading investigators performing hepatic sinusoid research.  Topics include Staining, Cell Isolation, Culture Model, Analytical, Sample Processing, and more.

By purchasing a membership to the Society, you gain access to these unique member-only resources.  For additional benefits associated with ISHSR membership, rates, and to sign up please follow this link to the Membership page.

 Latest News

  • The Spring 2017 ISHSR Newsletter is now available.  Click HERE to view.
  • Five additional images have been added to the Image Archive.  Click HERE to go to the Image Archive (must login first).